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When Jenny Ahlstrom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2010, she anxiously searched for solutions, treatment, and research for a cure. She noticed gaps in solutions for patients - most importantly the need for simplified information that would help patients obtain better outcomes. She noticed that childhood cancer clinical trials had 85% participation rates while adult cancers had dismal 3-5% participation rates. Many research projects were not completed because scientists could not find willing patients with these types of rare diseases. She set out to help educate patients and encourage them to participate in trials in order to moving research forward at a faster pace. Through her experience in systems engineering and marketing, and her husband Paul's experience in entrepreneurship, she saw an opportunity to empower patients to take action toward accelerating cures for rare diseases.

Jenny Ahlstrom - Founder of CrowdCare Foundation
Jenny Ahlstrom, Founder of CrowdCare Foundation

She launched the CrowdCare Foundation in 2012 to simplify information for patients and encourage them to participate in clinical trials, and to proactively support gaps in existing research funding. Jenny launched the Myeloma Crowd and ALS patient Seth Christensen co-founded the ALSCrowd, which created two patient-centric divisions of the CrowdCare Foundation. Together they created the myelomacrowd.org and alscrowd.org websites to aggregate information and share it with other patients. The focus of the foundation is to provide support in three major areas: patient education, research funding and compiled patient data.

Because Jenny and Seth both volunteer their time and sponsors cover operating costs, 100% of your contribution directly supports this targeted research.

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Jenny Ahlstrom
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